Sabi Widows and Ophans

Sabi Children Centre was started in 2002 to support orphans and widows. It currently holds 180 children in different age groups. These children have been orphaned due to different circumstances like being abandoned as babies and others are victims of HIV and AIDS. We are committed to working in a way which will impact the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the people we serve. All children long to feel the love of Jesus expressed to them through personal relationships with mature and caring adults. It is important to find ways in which church members can help without becoming discouraged themselves.

Sabi Children Centre

The children in this area and other surrounding villages are in constant need of scholastic material to use in school for those who are in school. UAC Ministries cares for widows and orphans by offering food, shelter, basic commodities and opportunities to attend school for children.

Our Services

Our services to assist these beloved ones depends on the support from concerned friends who wish to make a difference in a child’s life. Please click Donate and give to the poor either in cash or kind. Your donation is greatly appreciated and will help someone in need.