United Apostolic Church and Faith Healing Ministry with Flames of Fire is a prophetic ministry. The Holy Spirit is the cornerstone and foundation of the ministry. We always seek the approval and guidance of the Holy Spirit so we continue moving under His instruction.

Mission Statement

To demonstrate the work of the Holy Spirit according to John chapter 14vs 12.

We as a church intend to preach the word of God to mankind. (Mark 16v15-17).

We believe in the Holy Spirit hence everything done in the church shall have the approval of the Holy Spirit in accordance with John chapter 16.

The Holy Spirit shall provide Guidance (John 14vs 13-26) and through the Holy
Spirit some believers shall heal the sick and prophesy.

We aim to help the destitute, under-privileged widows and orphans in society and minister to and serve them with respect and dignity.

We aim to spread Gods message through Love; Peace and Understanding, also in a spirit of Fun, Friendship & Fellowship.

Hence the ministry is to reach the whole world preaching the truth and giving an example of the works of the Holy Spirit. We expect all our church members to be holy as God is Holy.Goals & Focus

To revive people to the true way of God through the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit.

To extend the word of God through teaching and studying the Bible.

To implant the will of God accordingly.

To liberate all those who are still in darkness.

To work under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

To be sure that we are in the Five Fold Ministry, that in the church of Jesus Christ God appointed Apostle, Prophet, Pastors/Teachers, Evangelist and Elders and Preachers.