Month: April 2020

Having a relationship with God – Series 2

Having a relationship with God – Series 2

We need to understand our role as the children of God. When we know and understand that, we will start to relate to Christ in a certain way that is pleasing before him.
Colossians 1:1-5. Here Paul acknowledges the faith and love of the church of Colossae. However love or faith on it’s own is not sufficient, hence Paul, in verse 9, now pray’s imploring of God to fill the people with knowledge of the Will of God, wisdom and understanding. Only then could they live a life worthy of the Lord. Through the Spirit of God they could bear fruit.

We too, can only grow through the Spirit once we start to hunger for God and understand the supremacy of Christ. This understanding allows one to see the difference from their way of old and today showing an elevation of spiritual understanding and growth.
Col 1:11. Paul speaks of endurance and patience. In this time of lockdown, what lessons are there to be learnt? If we do not know who Christ is, then we are often intimidated by every situation. God doesn’t always remove uncomfortable situations, but rather through our understanding of Christ and His power, we too can endure and be patient through hardship.
Col 1:15-20. This is the fundamental principle of who Christ is. He is superior over all things. Christ is in control, He will remain in control. He has ever lost it! There is nothing in our lives that we can go through that is a surprise to Him.
In conclusion, do not just concentrate on one aspect of being a Christian as did the church of Colossae, but through your acceptance of Christ as the ultimate supreme being, you can share in the inheritance of His Holy people in the
Kingdom of Light.

Having a relationship with God – Series 1

– Today, let every Christian be empowered that anyone can have a relationship with God. Yes God has sent, ministers, and teachers of the word to help and encourage you, however, you do not have to wait for someone to interpret the word of God to you, sometimes you may be deceived. Seek the scriptures yourself.
-For us to have the truth, we must have a direct relationship with Jesus Christ. As the scriptures say, “No one can go to the father except through Him.

John 15:4 – if we remain in Christ, He will remain in you! That’s the essence of a true relationship with Him. Although Jesus died on the cross for us and saved us by His grace, we still need a relationship with Him to see the Kingdom of God.
Jesus Christ detests sin, if we want a relationship with Him, we must rid ourselves of sin. Let us understand that Jesus is above everything. He is the King of Kings, Lord of Lords. He is the one who died and rose again. So whatever we do, we must ensure to glorify his name.
John 17 :8-9 – the disciples accepted the word that Jesus preached and believed he came from God. Therefore Jesus intercede for them since they belonged to Him. So it is key we understand the word of God, accept it and believe in Jesus Christ. Jesus gave us commandments for His own to follow, so if we believe in Him, we must abide by His word.
John 1 :12 – God gives power only to those who have received him through his son Jesus Christ. God is powerful and His power cannot be doubted. We may question, how does this power relate to you and me…well, through a relationship and obedience to Christ, one can tap into that power.

Seek God while time is still near!

Having a relationship with God – Series 1