Having a relationship with God – Series 5


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Exodus 19:5. To recap on the last few sermons, it is paramount to remember that God wants a relationship with His chosen people. As the children of God, we are His chosen. Just as he has demonstrated His mighty power to the Israelites, God wants us to honour and worship Him.
2 Timothy 1:7. Apostle Paul emphasises that amongst the gift of love and self control, God has also given us the spirit of POWER. All these things work together. Power is unique as it gives you the ability to practise love and self control.

Isaiah 59:2. As a people we are not to allow our iniquity to separate us from God. The principle of POWER is relevant because it is the gift of power that will allow you to overcome the urge to commit sin. The Spirit of Power that Apostle Paul refers to in 2 Timothy 1:7, can manifest in two different ways. Firstly it can be portrayed through “STRENGTH “. One can have the understanding and the knowledge to refrain from sinning, but may lack the ability. Once you lack the strength to execute the things you need to overcome, then your relationship with God is compromised. Secondly, power can be portrayed through “AUTHORITY”. As Christians we require a higher level of spiritual authority. In principle, the greater the resistance, the greater the power or force to be applied. Therefore the greater the situation, the greater the authority that needs to be applied.
Ephesians 6:10 & 12. Here we are urged to be strong in the Lord. We are in essence the temple of God. If the temple has no power, then it ceases to be the temple. Remember then that even though the devil has power, God is superior and so is His power that has been gifted to us. That is why a close relationship with God is mandatory. In conclusion, the journey of a Christian is never easy. There will always be challenges, however with power you have the ability to pray for yourself, other people and even do extraordinary feats. The bible refers to peacemakers as blessed. One can only be a peacemaker if they posses the “power” to overcome, sin, conflict, anxieties, situations and negative thinking.

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