Having a relationship with God – Series 9


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We need to take time to consider what kind of people we are, so that we can yield the goodness of God. The media today gives a certain perception, it magnifies this perception which then appears to be the truth. It then becomes the norm and as the viewer we become dependant on the way in which that perception is portrayed. In all this, we forget who we are, we forget our own story, our own identity, our own relationship with God. If you value yourself, you are able to value the things of God. If you let the word of God have authority in your life, then you can be the master of your own story. Remember, the farmer sows the same seed, the variable is the soil. You are the variable. You are the difference between the absorption of the word and learning from it, or hearing the word and nothing changing in your life.

Season of Pentecost
Acts 1: 8, 11-12 – As it is the time for Pentecost, though we may not meet as normal, we still need to remain in prayer to receive strength through the Holy Spirit. People needed the power of the Holy Spirit to do the work assigned to them by Jesus. Only after following instruction and receiving the Holy Spirit, did they have the ability and authority to fulfil their calling. They were propelled onto a higher level.

Main Word
Matthew 6:12- Understanding the power of forgiveness will help us grow in our relationship with God. It free’s us from a certain emotional bondage. Have you ever stopped to think that if you say this prayer without having the heart of forgiveness, you are not only deceiving yourself, but you are a liar in the eyes of God. Failure to forgive results in a loss of energy and hinders spiritual growth and development because your heart is burdened with unresolved feelings. In the book of Acts during the time of pentecost, had they had unforgiving hearts, they would not have received the Holy Spirit. You therefore cannot have a meaningful relationship with God if you lack the ability to forgive. You need to realise that FORGETTING, and situation does not mean you have forgiven. We know this to be true because everytime you experience a similar situation, the same hurt arises again. SILENCE, or keeping quiet, is not forgiveness either, but rather a form of avoidance. Pretending something does not exist does not nullify it. True FORGIVENESS, is being able to go back, confront the situation, deal with it then completely let it go. If a similar situation arises, there are no hurt feelings attached to it, but rather you simply move forward and progress. In life, there are two main things that are extremely valuable. You must learn to be 1, a learner, and 2, a teacher. Allow other people to speak in your life. There is always a lesson in every situation you are confronted with. And once you overcome a situation, you can therefore impart your knowledge to other people, that they too do not face the struggle in the same way as you have done. Did you know that lack of forgiveness can manifest in the form of passive aggression and can be seen in the manner in which you speak to or relate towards an individual? Holding a grudge means you are holding on to negative emotions inside your heart. How then can you love God with all your heart, when it is consumed with unresolved feelings. God hears the prayer of a forgiving heart and it is free and ready to receive Him. Many Christian’s of today, despite coming to Christ, still hold on to past behaviours. Challenge yourself? Is there a behaviour you still posses today despite repentence? Are you carrying unforgiveness in your heart? Write down all those people you have not forgiven. Pray about it and even contact them and let go of negative feelings you have harboured towards them. Remember we are ambassadors of Christ and our conduct should therefore reflect this. Be challenged to forgive!

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