Having a relationship with God – Series 15


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As we are living in an unprecedented time, a time of uncertainty and great change, it is vital that we are focused and persistent in prayer. Now more than ever, we need to stand alert. If Jesus went through challenging situations, what more us. There are undoubtedly times you may feel like giving up, but remember that those challenges are intended to be opportunity to build you up. Before Christ was crucified, He cried unto God, but even through His great turmoil, He still implored of God to do His will. He knew that His Father was in control.

Through this we know and have assurance that sometimes God will allow challenges in our lives. These are intended for us to grow in strength and ultimately for His glory to be witnessed. This is why, spiritual maturity is important. In maturity you’re able to face the devil and overcome him.

Daniel 1:6-9 & 11- 21. Daniel and the 3 young men were under captivity. Being in exile did not change the fact that they were Israelites. Even their name change did not change their identity. They continued to live according to the commands of God. They maintained their focus. The lesson in this for us, is no matter what situation you find yourself, like Daniel and the young men, do not compromise yourself. God was so pleased with Daniel and his companions unfaltering devotion to Him, He gave them extra ability and skill. As a christian, how are you maintaining the principles of God? If at times it takes a difficult situation for God to be seen in your life, are you practising unwavering focus on Him? Are you someone who is pushed around in their faith by situations? Ultimately, it is vital that you do not let your current environment rob you of your identity. God is looking for people who will stand, be focused and watchful. People that will inspire whole communities. Do not let your situation cause you to abandon the work of God. Always remember that God is a jealous God so be watchful and alert!

In conclusion, Colossians 1:9 speaks of knowledge and understanding. Looking at the story of Daniel and his companions, it is clear that they all understood their God. It is knowledge and understanding of the ways of God that allowed them to know how to conduct themselves and walk as required of them. Although they were in exile and in captivity their hearts remained free and uncaptured. As christian’s we must not let outside forces capture our hearts and minds. Be free to remain focused and alert!

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