Having a relationship with God – Series 14


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Intro: Historically, the children of God always faced difficulties, not because God’s hand wasn’t there, but rather because of their own actions. Sometimes we do not learn or develop in life because we do not attach any importance to what we hear. As the children of God we must learn to attach importance to the written and spoken word of God. We need to step away from the world’s teaching that primarily focuses on what we can gain from God and blessings, not focussing on truly understanding who God is and living as he commands. Remember, it is Isaac’s obedience to the command of God, that protected him and he was even blessed in abundance over and above that. What we seek can be granted by God as and when we need it if we are obedient to Him.

Genesis 1:3 & 11. This scripture demonstrates the power of God. He COMMANDED, and it BECAME! God commanded the desolate land and it obeyed Him. When God speaks even nature will obey. It is important to know that God’s power has not changed and it never will. He is the same God as he was in the beginning. The difference in the manifestation of his power is that we have learnt to resist what God says.

Genesis 1:26. The difference between nature and a human being is that nature is just as it was created, but a human resembles God. Man was made in God’s likeness. God gave us the ability to reason, decide and gave us power over certain things. If nature does not resist God’s command, how is it human beings resist what God has commanded? If you look at the meaning of the word “command”, it does not give room for negotiation. Let’s look at Lucifer for a minute. He was created, and just like us, had the ability or freedom to reason, question, and decide. His downfall was allowing this ability to challenge God. He saw himself as superior to God. In our lives today, we too must not allow the favour God has bestowed upon us to hinder our relationship with him. There is a time where we are not supposed to reason with God but simply obey. Humans have a tendency to reason out of God’s will. However if God has favoured us by giving us dominion over all things let us use it to glorify God.

The bible teaches us about the principle of the sheep and the shepherd. We are the sheep and God our shepherd. When you start to resist the voice of God, you are slowly moving away from the flock. God has given us authority and power, let us not use our authority to oppose God or resist His commands. If you look at the story of the Israelites exodus from Egypt, they sinned against God the moment they began to reason and deliberate on their situation. They reasoned to the point they even built an idol to worship. Even in a difficult situation, know and understand that God is in Control. Believe in His purpose in your life and the assurance that He knows the plans he has for you. You have a purpose you must fulfil. You cannot negotiate out of your calling.

In conclusion, what will make you to be the person God intended you to be is found through obedience of the command. The opportunity is now. Your ability to reason should not become your hindrance.

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