Having a relationship with God – Series 17


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God is the creator of all. He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. By His word all things were created and have their being. In His superiority, God has regulations we must adhere to. A code of conduct that will determine the type of walk we have in Him.

Isaiah 1:1-6. This scripture is an aid in understanding God’s terms and conditions. It shows us the view of God over sin, living in sin and how to make amends. God had seen that His people were living in sin and even referenced that even animals know their master, yet His people didnt know Him. If you look back, the reason the Israelites were set free from bondage in Egypt was to worship God, yet in this scriptures they were not fulfilling their purpose. God’s ways and approach has and will always be the same. Our purpose is to worship.Him and we cannot do so if we are sinful. The Israelites violated God’s commands and their gatherings became a disgust to Him. Therefore, when you sin, you severely compromise your relationship with God. There is no doubt that God loves His people, but once we succumb to a life of sin, we become detestable before Him. You may continue to go to church and perform your ministerial duties but the sin covering you will render your works null and void. It is those who do the will of God that will inherit the kingdom. If we look at the story of Nehemiah, we see that he started by pleading his sin and that of the people in an attempt to restore an image of purity before God. If we live in sin, God cannot bare the sight of us. Even when we raise our hands to Him, He does not pay attention. It doesn’t matter how much we fast and pray, give to the needy, preach and sing, as long as we do not acknowledge our sin, God will continue to be disgusted by the sight of us.

Isaiah 1:16 – 17. Despite all this, God is a God of mercy. Let us go back before our Father. A second chance is ours for the taking. The love of God is such that even if we find ourselves in sin you can still go back to God. God cannot condone sinful behaviour but He has given us the opportunity to go and settle any matters held against us. It is up to you to come to Him whole heartedly.

Isaiah 1:18. An invitation has been presented to us, to open our hearts, rid ourselves of malice so that the Holy Spirit can live and work within us. No matter how wild you have become, how far you have gone, it is not too late to repent. Seek the Lord while He is still near. God is waiting for you to take that step today. He has promised that although your stains are deep red, He will make them as white as wool and He will wash you as clean as snow.

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