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Having a relationship with God – Series 18


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Intro: Rev 3:4 – The ultimate goal as a christian is to be dressed in white. This is symbolic of true purity and being without blame. Jesus will only acknowledge those that have not soiled their clothes. Those that have overcome the world. Those that have held on to the truth of the gospel and walked in the ways of Christ. Be a christian of purpose and principle. The bigger picture above all else is to be found acceptable before God. Therefore we need to prepare, be watchful and focused on the second coming of Christ.

Psalms 23 – David makes a declaration of who God is. It reflects his level of spiritual maturity. Note, he has not started this psalm with a request, but rather a confident assurance of who God is to him. It is sad to see that some christians of today make bold declarations that do not come to pass. Why? Because they are not mature enough. They do not understand scripture and lack a true conviction of the fundamental principles that are the essence of Psalms 23. Let us break this scripture down.

• Psalms 23:1 – 3. Is God your “be all and end all?” Do you truly believe that in Him you have no lack. It is vital to know that in Him you have full provision physically, spiritually and mentally. This is the peace and assurance we have as His own.
• Psalm 23:3 – 4. Nothing should distract us from the opportunity that is inheriting the Kingdom of God. Therefore, even in the deepest darkness you must understand that God is still there. You don’t need to question where God is because you are confident He is always with you. Remember going through a challenge doesn’t mean God isnt there.
• Psalm 23:5 -6. Are you one of those people that pray for God to remove situations and enemies? A mature child of God understands that sometimes God does not remove the adversaries that surround us and place us in a little bubble with people that love and support us, contrary, the lesson in this is knowing that in the midst of all adversity God is there. God remains God and He will equip you with all you need to overcome and grow in such situations. Offen we fall in pursuit of goodness and love, but the scripture clearly states that these WILL FOLLOW US through every situation and every moment in our lives. This is achievable only if we truly apply the whole of Psalms 23.
This palms is profound because it really challenges us to understand that God is God. The Ultimate and only! In your daily walk as a christian, always know that there is a place past this world that our spirits will go. A place prepared for us through Christ by our Father in Heaven. Strive to be those that will endure and overcome difficulties and come out on the other side dressed in White. Even through the deepest darkness we may find ourselves in, God is our shepherd and understanding Psalms 23 is the key and weapon to having victory over this world.

Remember the bible is historic because it is evidence of past events that actually happened. It is current because within it are lessons that are applicable in our lives today and prophetic because it gives insight of events to come. Take time to meditate and pray about Psalms 23 and understand the purpose and power it holds.

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