Having a relationship with God – Series 21


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Man shall not live on bread alone. As such, we also need to nourish and strengthen our spirit. Physically we have to eat so that we can live, likewise, spiritually we need the word of God to continue to grow. Growth allows us to be able to face challenges and grow in our understanding of God. This means we can walk and live in the way that is pleasing to God.

The current Covid-19 pandemic has left us alone in isolation, unable to attend regular church services and in need to strengthen our personal relationship with God. Individual growth is needed now more than ever to achieve spiritual success

1 Corinthians 6:19. An understanding of any principle in life, affords us the ability to practise that principle correctly. The bible reminds us that our bodies are the temple of God. The scriptures go further to elaborate and says that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit who lives in us. It urges us to use our bodies for the fulfillment of God. There are often a lot of things that we engage in, without even realising the effect they have on our spiritual being. Upright living facilitates the Holy Spirit to dwell within us. The reverse of this is true. Inappropriate conduct dispels the Holy Spirit. Understanding this scripture means that you don’t require anyone to prefect you to maintain purity, but rather you automatically live accordingly. It is good that we meet and fellowship together in church, but as proven in this current situation, personal discipline is paramount. If you are to host the Holy Spirit, then you need to be clean and prepared at all times. If we defile ourselves, God cannot dwell in us.

Eccl 12:13. & vs 1. The sole reason man was created was to worship. Now bearing this in mind, you need to remember that you are the temple of God created to worship. Ask yourself this. Are you using your body for God’s glory? Is the manner in which you carry yourself accommodating to God and sensitive to His Spirit? The time to rely on people to prefect you is gone! What role do you play in the body of Christ. Realise and recognise why God created you. Find joy in God even in these difficult times. Become a trusted vessel and God will start to manifest within you. When you are the host of Christ, you know regardless of circumstance, spiritual warfare or physical challenges God remains God and you are able to uphold your integrity. Trust what God has said. It goes without saying that the fundamental truth is, in order to enjoy the blessing of obedience, you must have a personal and close relationship with God.

God is knocking at your door so he can dwell in His temple. Let us reflect on the early life of Paul. Initially he purposefully sort to persecute the believers. When he met God and had a true revelation of who Christ was he made a complete change and started to function as a devote child of God. When God is in you, people start to see God from within. You begin to have an impact in your community. Do not fall prey to making church a habitual procedure. This will only result in you becoming de-sensitised to the expectation and teachings of God. Remember when a demon has been cast out, it leaves and goes into the wilderness, and roams arid ground. Eventually it returns to check. Therefore when your heart is unclean, the devil comes back in greater numbers and authority than before.

In conclusion, be mindful of your conduct. Is your reaction to circumstances appropriate to the provocation presented? Is it not better to light up the room with your presence, as Christ reflects His light in you? The time we are living in is a time which is preventing us from congregating in church. But you must remain strong as an individual. Host God in your own home. Host God when you are in a community or alone. Host God wherever you are and truly function as a temple set apart for His pleasure.

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