The importance of maturity


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Intro: It is written, “Man shall not live on bread alone…” (Matthew 4:4, Deuteronomy 8:3). The importance of understanding the word of God cannot be expressed enough. We need the word of God in order to live a life worthy of the blood shed on the cross for us. We can only understand what God has “said” (through scripture), when we listen to what is “saying”(through maturity). In the Parable of the sower (Matthew 13:1-23). The word or seed sown remained the same, but the people who received the word were different. The way we hear, interpret and apply the word is different based on our level of maturity. This is the fundamental reason why many people cannot change spiritually. It is because they are not able to comprehend and put the word of God into their hearts.

When one faces battles, it takes a certain level of maturity for them to overcome. When you are mature you start to know and understand certain things. If you look at the great exodus from Egypt, the Israelites were being led by a cloud by day and flames of fire by night. These guided them. If they moved, the people moved. If they stopped, then so did the people. Walking under the cover of God essentially was walking in accordance with what God intended at the time. In essence, creating a good relationship with God and walking within His instruction, is what gives us victory over whatever battle we are facing. Maturity comes into play when you begin to understand that coming to Christ and being born again is not the end of troubles but the contrary. You see, as a christian you inevitably engage in spiritual warfare against forces that want to hinder you from reaching heaven. Psalm 23 encompasses the principles at play when one is considered mature.

Let us break this scripture down.

• Psalms 23:1 – 3.”The lord is my shepherd…..”, what if you are broke. What if you have no money in your pocket. How then does this scriptures apply in your life. Our view on life is never what God sees. Even if nothing is going the way you plan it, with maturity you understand that what you need is not the end product, but the manufacturer of that’s product. The giver not the gift. Its understanding that no matter what situation, even if deliverance is yet, you still know and hold on to the truth that God can do all things. Do you truly believe that in Him you have no lack? It is vital to know that in Him you have full provision physically, spiritually and mentally. This is the peace and assurance we have as His own.
• Psalm 23:3 – 4. Even in the deepest darkness you must understand that God is still there. Isaac, (Genesis 26 : 1-25) was instructed to remain in the Land and sow seed in the midst of a famine. It is written he reaped one hundred fold. It was not rain he needed , but God. When Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son, a lamb was provided in his place because God saw that he did not withhold even his most precious possession. What was required was the obedience. When you get to this level of maturity, you then don’t have a need to question where God is in any trial because you are confident He is always with you. Remember going through a challenge doesn’t mean God isn’t there.
• Psalm 23:5 -6. God is God and He will equip you with all you need. Many of us think that God addressing a situation means he takes the grievance away. But contrary, he lays a table in the midst of your enemies. It is key to understand that sustenance is yours for the keeping until such a time God will take you out of the situation. Often we fall in pursuit of goodness and love, but the scripture clearly states that these WILL FOLLOW US through every situation and every moment in our lives. Sometimes you have to lose “something” to gain “EVERYTHING!” When you go into the shops with a certain amount of money, you exchange that money for the items you require. Abraham was instructed to leave his fathers house. He gave up the comfort and provision that came with being a part of his fathers household. However, had he remained he would not have been blessed to the great lengths he did. In his maturity and obedience, he attained riches for eternity. God fills your cup to the brim, He is a provider. GOD IS YOUR EVERYTHING. He is the answer to all. Look at Paul, he wrote letters of encouragement to the believers yet he himself was imprisoned in a cell. Even though he was bound physically, his spirit was free. That is a level of maturity we too require.

In conclusion, remember, when a tree stops growing, it starts dying. Likewise when you stop growing in Christ you start deteriorating spiritually. Hence the importance of maturity.
If you cannot implement the word of God in your life, it is like you are building your house on sand (Matthew 7: 24- 27). Your faith cannot be sustained. Let us have our minds renewed everyday. Seek God and grow in maturity.

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