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INTRO: It is easy to go to church routinely, hear the word of God and still come back without absorbing anything. Increasingly, there are certain church cultures immerging that do not have anything to do with the word of God. Not getting absorbed in these cultures is key. Matthew 7:22-23 suggests how many people will be rejected by Jesus, even if they seemingly appeared to live Christian lives. This is because, it is now not uncommon to spend time praying but not actually connecting with God. Therefore, aim to seek God and understand Him for who He truly is. Remember, if we do not do the will of God, we inevitably do the will of the devil.

John 5:37- 46

The serpent was one of the most cunning animals God had made. In Genesis 3, we see how Eve succumbed to its deception and failed to hold steadfast on God’s instruction. Although Eve understood what God had said, she allowed the serpent to dilute her faith. Her belief in God was replaced by doubt in His integrity. You see, in the same way, when we first come to christ we have great zeal and fervour. As time goes on, we start to lose our faith as we allow distractions to manifest in our hearts. We begin to entertain alternative teachings contrary to the truth we first believed. Jesus himself has shown us how we can hold onto our faith. Despite being tested was after 40 days of fasting, He overcame through His unchanging confidence in the word of God. (Matthew 4:1-11). Although the devil used the opportune moment of physical weakness and tried to cause Jesus to sin, Jesus understood the scriptures and applied them in context to His predicament. This emphasises the need to build a solid relationship with God and understanding His word. God remains God, despite any challenges we may face in our lives. Remaining steadfast in our confidence in Him is paramount. Even when we are at our most vulnerable and walking in the deepest darkness (Psalm 23:4), let us not doubt or question God. Look at Job, his faith was so unwavering, God found him to be trustworthy and permitted the devil to tempt him. With that in mind, ask yourself this, what makes you believe in God? Do you believe in the Word of God? When you are able to answer this earnestly, your future actions will be determined.

Through the ages, God has never changed (Hebrew 13:8), so why does our loyalty and faith in Him fade? Here is the conundrum, for us to believe in Jesus and His word, we first must believe in the God who made all this happen. In other words, we cannot believe in the scriptures if we cannot believe the source.

The first barrier we have in maintaining our belief in Christ is the failure to understand the God that has created heaven and earth. How are you going to believe in Jesus, if you do not believe in what is written about him? How are you going to believe the scriptures if you do not believe in the God who created all these. Understanding the origin of our faith allows you to understand Jesus Christ. Therefore, the starting point is the beginning. When God spoke to the children of Israel, he did not start by saying worship me. Instead, he introduced himself as the God of their forefathers and went on to demonstrate His almighty power as they journeyed from Egypt. Again, note that the commandments were not given in Egypt. God intentionally demonstrated His authority first, so that they had confidence in Him before He then gave them His instructions. In your own life, there are things that God has done for you to demonstrate His ability. Outcomes that simply could not have been achieved by meer human hands. This has been done for you to believe that God is God. For us to believe in Jesus and
His mandates, we therefore must believe in God’s authority. Our faith will not be strong unless we believe in Him. If you are unable to attribute the small miracles of life, like waking up in the morning, to God, and acknowledge His doing, we cannot believe in Him. In other words when we believe that God is there, that He is real, then we can start to believe the scripture. John the Baptist’s message was about changing one’s mindset, in order to be able to accept Jesus.

You can be in the church a long time, but fail to believe in Jesus and dwell in His instruction. Is your belief based on what you want or what the bible intends you to believe? A deep understanding of God is what will keep you loyal to Him. What is your belief based on? Is it based on what people say, or is it based on God and scripture. If your trust is in man, then your faith will come to fade in time. If that church brother, sister, or confidante that you rely on, wavered in their faith, would you still remain standing? Take some time to read, meditate and understand the scriptures. If you have the wrong interpretation of scriptures you will not grow. Pray that God reveals himself to you. Let Him inspire you, where others are not. Base your faith not on just going to church, but rather knowing God and what He expects of you.

Read the scripture with the intent to know more about God. Read in faith and let that be mixed with the word so that you can benefit from it. (Hebrew 4:2). As child is eager to learn, easy to accept correction and be directed, so should any christian.

In conclusion, there is a saying, “Do not play, not to lose. But play to win.” A team which plays to not lose, plays in defense and the best outcome is a draw. But a team that plays to win has the victory. Do not be satisfied to just be a passive believer, but be an active Christian. Be careful not to pick and choose scripture, but make full use of the entire word of God.

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