Doubt and faith


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Intro: He who is trustworthy with small things is trustworthy with the big things. God gives more to those who receive Him with an uncomplaining heart. Lack of insight, purpose and belief in what we do, makes it difficult for us to please God and walk in His ways. Majority of the time we want to do our own will and not the will of God. True confidence in God allows you to adopt His ways and leave your own. No one can enter the kingdom unless born again. When a person enlists in the army, they are drilled to clear their frame of mind, learn new habits and adopt the teachings of the military in obedience. In the same way, when we adopt Christ’s ways and are baptised we die to sin and come alive in Him. We do away with the old and arise in the new. When you surrender your life you must have 100% belief in Him and His commands.

Genesis 3:1

This scripture is a classic example of how human nature is contrary to that of God. The snake was the most cunning animal the Lord had made however what is striking here, is Eve knew the original instruction, and believed it as truth. She even quoted it. Significantly, when the snake questioned her, it placed doubt in her mind and caused her to deviate from that truth. Let us put this into context. Today, in our minds most of us know and understand the truth. But sometimes we allow certain things to plant doubt in our minds. In Galatians 1:6, Apostle Paul comments on how easy it was for the church to be swayed from the truth. In the same way, many people now let go of principles they once regarded as highly esteemed, simply because their belief has been challenged. Eve knew the truth. She knew what was permissible as well as forbidden. She knew of the consequences and was aware of her conduct. But somehow her belief started to fade when the serpent started to place a seed of doubt in her heart.

What has God said to you? What promise has he made to you? What instruction has He given to you? Ask yourself this, what is it that is coming into your life that is now starting to make you question the truth? Can you recall of a time in your life, when if God spoke, you were quick to be obedient but now this has faded? There are so many teachings that we truly accepted at the beginning of our christian walk. But that conviction and belief is starting to fade. What is diluting your faith? Surely there is something that you have now started to believe contrary to the original truth spoken to you by God. Eve entertained what later resulted in her undoing. We see that in the beginning Adam and Eve used to be able to stand in unashamed confidence and commune with God. Yet, in the end they became aware of their nakedness and shortcomings and hid from God. So indeed something in their lives died as according to the original instruction given to them. Life is moving and times are changing. You must use it wisely and effectively. Do not let any time pass by without doing what God says.

Let us completely believe God in a way that nothing will stand inbetween us and our faith. Even if things are difficult, believe in God because he knows everything. He knows our beginning, our being and our end. He knows when we are stepping into a difficult situation. He wants us to believe in him no matter what. The story of Eve is a classical example of where disobedience is the result a seed of deviation being planted in someone’s heart. Where she allowed someone to speak words in her life that made her question the truth.

My dear brethren, your life is so dear. As it is so dear, make a habit of believing God no matter what comes your way. Believe in God because He is God. Have the conviction in His instruction. Daniel and his companions knew that they could not defile God even when in exile. (Daniel 3). They could have given an excuse and succumbed because they genuinely were in a foreign land, but they chose to stand on the truth. Be a Daniel in your own right. Even if you go through the deepest darkness, do not be afraid. You don’t have to SEE God, but you have to BELIEVE that he is still there with you all the way. You are the one that makes a difference in your own life. Even if charismatic preachers speak to you, it is you that prepares your heart to receive. What makes the difference is you. The word remains constant. It is the state of your heart that determines the outcome. It’s your perception and what you see. No matter how small the instruction, believe in it and obey it. Trust starts with the small things.

Be warned. Sometimes the devil will just put a different perspective on a situation and cause you to see how “beautiful” it is.(Genesis 3:6). Take heed, in the beginning Eve never even noticed the fruit yet after succumbing to the serpent, did she see its beauty. The serpent caused Eve to believe God to be untruthful which led her to sin against Him. Learn to believe in the original instruction. Reject anything that is contrary. Hold on to your belief.

In conclusion, the word of God has authority and must be followed. There is no way we can please God if we fail to acknowledge the authority in His word. If Eve had believed in the authority of the word, she would never have deviated from it. The word of God is final and cannot be disputed. This cannot be changed. God is our shepherd and we have everything we need in Him. He is the one who directs your path. If we become His children, He becomes our God. Be in Christ so that Christ can be in you. God reigns forever. His word is truth and pure. Be aware of underlying beliefs. These influence how we perceive and receive God. If you have an pre existing underlying belief, you may not be able to accept what God says. Therefore surrender everything wholely and fully unto God. Come to Him with an empty heart and Christ will start to live in you.

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