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Abstract concepts are often difficult to perceive because they are not tangible or visible to the naked eye. A revelation from God is important because it opens your understanding, perception and acceptance of such concepts. God is constantly urging us to achieve higher levels, however such development is not possible if we are still operating within the same mindset.

Our life experiences shape the perception that we have of the world around us. They are like a shade or tint on a pair glasses that we see the world through.  They influence the view we have of it. For example, if the glasses have a dark shade, or coloured tint, the overall image being seen through them would be tinted by that colour. Therefore, when coming to Christ, there is a need to leave behind superficial belief systems. Rid yourself of perspectives of the past that come from a place of hurt, discomfort,  distrust and discouragement.  These “tints” can hinder you from operating in the way that God wants you to and viewing your environment in the light it really is. You may miss the blessing that is in the purpose of those God has intentionally placed in your life because you cannot see past their human nature or your disregard of them. For example, God can speak to you through your pastor, but because your perception of them is obscured by their past mistakes or weaknesses you inherently dismiss them. You see, the amount of years that you have been coming to church is not what is relevant. Instead, your experience depends on what you have given up to Christ. This is where the aspect of surrendering wholeheartedly to Him plays a part. The disciples of Christ ultimately gave up their former life and chose to embark on a new path with Him. As such, letting go of the control that we have on our lives and allowing God to take charge is an important element of being a Christian. Remember that your body is the temple of Christ and He will come to dwell in you, as long as you abide in him (1 Corinthians 3:16).

In Matthew 16:13-20, Jesus asked the disciples who people thought the Son of Man was. Many believed him to be John the Baptist, some Elijah and others thought perhaps he was any one of the other prophets that had come before. Jesus also posed the question directly to His disciples who they thought He was. Bearing in mind that the disciples had been walking with Christ for a considerable amount of time, notably, for this question to have been brought up, suggests a lack of complete comprehension about who Jesus truly was. It was Peter who then responded by saying “You are the Messiah, the Son of the Living God” (Matthew 16:17). Jesus acknowledged Peter’s response as a REVELATION directly from God. An example of the concept of revelation can be seen after Saul encountered Christ and changed from being a persecutor of believers, to spreading the gospel. (Acts 9:1-17). It is important to note that revelation is relative. It comes in different forms, and at different times for different people. Meaning, what has been revealed to one, another might fail to understand its significance. Take the time Mary anointed Jesus’ feet with expensive oil.  The disciples did not understand the meaning behind her actions. Instead they could only see waste.  (Matthew 26:6-13). In context, there may be times when you are pushed to do something for God,  but other people may question your actions because they have yet to receive the same revelation as yourself. Therefore revelation, purpose and priorities amongst fellow church goers varies depending on what one values as an individual.

The encounter that Jesus had with the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4:7-26) is a prime example of the power of Revelation. Let us take a minute to evaluate the conversation that transpired between the two. Firstly, we know that at that time, Jews and Samaritans did not interact. The expectation would have been for the woman to immediately refuse Jesus’ request for a drink. Yet she chose to entertain this “Jewish stranger”. Their conversation starts with Jesus asking for water, and eventually gets to a point where the woman received great revelation. You see, at each point of the conversation, the woman’s intrigue and questions allowed her to move from one dimension of understanding to another. She moved from a belief system that prohibited fellowship between Jews and Samaritans to the realisation that this “Jewish stranger” had prophetic abilities when questioned about her husband. From that point, she was elevated yet again from that level of understanding to knowing that in Jesus was everlasting living water and that He was the Messiah long awaited for. She moved from the notion that she was in a position to enlighten Jesus about the ancestral history of the well, to knowing that it was her that needed to receive from Him. Her openness to receive the information that Jesus was telling her, enabled her to understand His message. Had she remained ridget in her thinking, she would not have received her revelation. How does this translate to our daily lives? Well, you cannot understand certain concepts unless you start to operate in an elevated belief system. As long as we do not have the real and full understanding of what God wants us to understand,  we still operate on a very superficial level. Our arguments are dependent on whatever level we are.  As long as we are superficial,  we only see what’s superficial. That becomes our ceiling of understanding. Faith has levels. Your thinking, reasoning and actions are governed by the belief system of any given level. No one can comprehend matters of any level yet to be attained.  If God says something, you cannot fulfill it if you are not walking in the realm of that particular level. This is why many see their spiritual leaders as meer mortals and fail to see the power of God at work within them. Jesus wants to take us to a higher level in our understanding. He never intended us to be stagnant.  However, for Him to do so, it requires our effort and movement to meet Him at that level.

In conclusion, know that it takes revelation to be elevated from one level to another. Today’s scripture shows us how Jesus took the time to reveal things to the Samaritan woman little by little, until He revealed Himself as the Messiah. (John 4:26). To have revelation, you must be willing, available and open to receive it just as the Samaritan woman was eager, open and honest in her encounter with Jesus.
Take this analogy on board. If perhaps a country is colonised by another, it cannot operate in any other system accept that of its rulers.  To have freedom of expression, it must gain independence. Likewise, if you are still colonised by the devil, you must become free from his oppression to walk in the realms of God. The shaded glasses you view the world must be removed. Be encouraged today . Pray that God removes all iniquity and distraction, that His revelation may be yours to attain. Pray for revelation so that you can make use of the time and opportunity you have been granted.

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