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Walking in the voice of God is something that cannot be stressed enough. It is an important act that
enables us to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Walking in voice requires us to hear what God is saying,
understand the instruction then ultimately walk in it. It is a key element that helps us build a
relationship with God.

Perceptions and perspective affect how you approach life and consequently how you then choose to
live it. As a child of God, your interpretation of life, must come to the same conclusion as the Father
intended. God speaks in different ways. He can speak in an audible voice you hear, He can speak
through visions and dreams or prophesy, and also through the scriptures. Walking in the voice is
therefore being sensitive enough within your spirit to be able to recognise God when He speaks.
Regardless of the manner in which He does so.
John 10:27-28 – Jesus refers to Himself as the chief shepherd, and us, as His sheep. The scripture
itself outlines that there is a special relationship that exists between the shepherd and his flock.
When sheep recognise the voice of the shepherd, they respond accordingly. In order for that to
occur, the shepherds voice would have become familiar to the sheep. In the same way, so too must
we become accustomed to our master. Think about it, if someone is known to you, when they call
your name, do you not respond in a way that reflects the existing relationship you have? This is why
developing a relationship with Jesus is so important. It is not possible to follow, if you do not know
the voice of the person that is trying to lead you. But when you have an understanding of who God
is, it becomes second nature to automatically act upon hearing His voice.
John 10:1-6- Take a moment to imagine a sheep pen. Would it not be strange if you saw someone
climbing over the fence instead of using the gate? The scripture is clear that it is a foe not a friend
that would behave in this manner. A friend would have ready access to the sheep pen. Like wise, the
rightful shepherd would enter through the gate. He would go ahead of his flock and call each by
name, leading it to greener pastures.
John 10:12-17- Supposing the shepherd is a hired help instead of the owner. Would he not still care
for the sheep? Indeed he may very well do so, however, the scripture teaches us that his dedication
to the sheep is not be as strong as that of the owner. Why? Because a hired help would flee when
faced with danger, but the owner would risk their life to defend his flock. Now let’s put both
scriptures into context. If we allow Jesus to be our shepherd, we have all assurance that He will stand
and protect us. He would not come like a thief in the night and jump over the fence. Jesus has direct
access to us. There is a certain level of trust and reliance that can only develop by getting to know
Jesus as our shepherd. Jesus showed His devotion to us by becoming the true sacrificial lamb. He
died on the cross so that we could be saved and have everlasting life.
Historically the role of a shepherd has often been looked down upon in comparison to other
occupations. For Jesus to proclaim Himself as the chief shepherd, in a role that is often not highly
regarded in society, is evidence of His humility. By taking on that responsibility, He wanted to show to
us that we can follow Him wherever He leads as He knows the path already.
The relationship between Jesus and those that belong to Him is reciprocal. As John 10:14-15
highlights. Being able to distinguish His voice amongst all the others around you is very important. It
protects you from being mislead. Other voices may come under the guise of offering you life, but
they are not the true voice of God. You can only make that distinction if you have a relationship with
God. As the true sheep, your conscious should be able to help guide you even if there is pressure to
follow those other voices. Jesus has given us the instruction to love. (Matthew 22:36-40). All the
commandments are centred on this concept of love. If you love, you do not have the capacity to
cause harm. Therefore, any voice that leads you to harm, is not of God. Use the scripture as a road

map to follow God. Everything relevant to your christian walk is written within it. The onus is on you
to follow it.
As the sheep, be mindful that there are still others that belong in the sheepfold but have yet to
arrive. The great commission,(Matthew 28:18-20), is so that those that have not become part of the
flock can be given the opportunity to belong to it. Anyone that believes in Jesus and makes a
conscious decision to live by His commands is part of His flock, (John 10:27), but anyone that rejects
Him does not belong to Him, but rather the devil (John 8:44).
Remember, some things look good from afar, but they are far from God. Sometimes we can become
attracted to things that are bad for us, which is why it is important that we take time to strengthen
our resolve and become firm in our relationship with God. Find the time to read the scripture and
through prayer, immerse yourself in God. At the end of the day, what is in your heart is more
important than what you say with your lips. The bible in Isaiah 29:13 says, “These people claim to
worship me, but their words are meaningless, and their hearts are elsewhere.” This is why even
when you are out and about, at work or even at school, God needs to remain in your heart. He
should be the foundation of your actions. Let the word of God be our daily bread. Let it become part
of our foundation as Christians. It will help us navigate the complexities of life. As children, youth,
young adults and adults, let God be the centre of all we do so that He can continue to fight for us and
guide us to those greener pastures as He has promised.

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