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Let me start by asking you this, what is your first thought or action at the start of the day? As a
Christian it is important for your life to be a reflection of the word of God. One cannot merely wait for
a single day in the week to then engage in hearing His word. Seeking God should be a daily routine.
Before we engage in anything else in the day, we need to take the time to hear what God has to say
to us through His word. If we allow God to speak to us at the start of the day, then we have guidance
for the rest of it. The choice is for us to make use of such an opportunity presented to us. God should
be the first voice we hear, the first one we communicate with before all else.

By prioritising Him in the morning, we are essentially inviting Him to take control of the day to come. Knowing and understanding that we are His children, allows us to make God our priority.
Previously we explored the concept of “becoming,” and how undergoing this process is
transformational. Usually if you want to change your character to become better in some way, it
involves undergoing a process of change. For example, if you are not a Christian and you want to be
one, there is a transformation that happens for you to transition from one phase to the other. This
transformation is what makes you become who you are aspiring to be, or someone God always
intended you to become. If you are the kind of person that expects change by merely hearing the
word without any contribution on your part, then you are mistaken. There are certain things that you
have to demonstrate that will bring about the change that you want to see. You must accept and
apply the word of God without any resistance for resistance stunts growth.
Today, many are only christian by name. They only go to church and hear the word, but it doesn’t
touch them enough to initiate the change that they need to undergo. If previous ungodly behaviours
are still presenting now that you are born again, then transformation has not yet occurred within
you. For example, if a person was known for gossiping, even if they have a desire to change, yet still
find themselves gossiping, then they have not truly allowed the word of God to manifest within
them. Ultimately, there is a transformational process you have to go through to become a true
christian. That’s why we have two different categories of christians; those that have engaged in the
process of the transformational change to become the children that God wants them to be, and
those that are christian by name, who do not engage in that process and choose to remain as they
are. The latter category can often be seen quoting bible verses that suit their situation, but fail to
understand its true context. God expects a transformation within us as our knowledge of Him
increases. The key to becoming God’s chosen possession, lies in the ability to faithfully obey His
commandments (Exodus 19:5) This is what initiates our growth.
There are many examples of people in the bible that had to go through change before they could be
used by God. Elisha become a man that was used by God mightily because he went through a
transformation. Many people want the end result, but do not want to go through the process of
change to achieve it. Resisting sin will make the devil flee from us, but so often many find
themselves unable to abstain from sin. By giving in to their worldly desires, they attract the devil.
Jesus started His message of repentance within the synagogues. Why? Because that is where most
were religious not righteous. The same can still be said of modern day believers. People still attend
church, but remain unchanged or inspired by the word. Ask yourself this, are you aligning yourself
through His word to be compatible with God? Is it worth spending your life gathering all the things of
this world at the expense of your soul? (Mark 8:36) As a Christian, it is imperative to think beyond
the tangible things that you can see with your naked eye. Think about the Kingdom of God. A time is
coming when this world will come to pass and we will have to face God giving an account of how we
chose to live. In that day, will Jesus stand and acknowledge you as His own?
Genesis 3:22-24. The garden of Eden was beautiful and had everything that Adam and Eve needed,
however they paid the ultimate price when they violated God’s command. Their sin caused them to

be expelled forever with no access to eden. The length of their lives was limited and animosity
replaced the contentment they once enjoyed with the very animals they tended to. Adam and Eve
lost the opportunity to live in paradise, in the presence and provision of God. Instead, they, and all
generations to come were sentenced to a life of working the land in order to survive. In the same
way, we can equate how violating God’s command can cost us the Kingdom of God and the blessings
associated with it. However we see in John 3:3-7 a second chance being granted to us through Jesus
Christ. He is our access back to the Father. Whoever is born of man is born into a cursed life resulting
from the disobedience of Adam and Eve. However, through Jesus, we can undergo a transformation.
The process of baptism symbolises dying to self and rising again through Christ. By water, the Holy
Spirit and the blood shed on the cross to redeem our sin, we can again have access to the presence
and ultimately the Kingdom of God. Therefore, our actions must reflect how Christ now lives in us.
In conclusion, let us then not confirm to the patterns of this world, instead we need to continuously
renew our mind on a daily basis (Romans 12:2). Let us not resist the process of change, but embrace
it as a part of the transformation that we need to go through to become the people that God has
destined us to be.

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